Our People

We are a partnership business in every sense of the word.  Every person in our organisation has a stake in the business. We additionally prefer to think of ourselves as partners, more than just suppliers, with our customers.  Often, we work with contracts where our remuneration is directly related to the success of the work we do or the people we place.  In many cases it involves training/coaching or other consultancy.  One example of this is our Sales Partnership Contract where we are paid a percentage of sales receipts.  Another is our 12-month replacement guarantee as standard in our terms.

We operate internationally through:

Franchisees.  They have a stake in their portfolio of clients and have an interest in long term development.  They may work in an office but most work remotely and are all very experienced business professionals with a large personal contact list plus direct experience in the industries they serve. We require 10 years absolute minimum business experience to become a Recruiter with us.  They have diverse skills and background, native languages, and are based from a range of international strategic locations.

Our business model means that have personnel that are with us for the long term.

We all share the same Values, Goals and Mission

Values of Entrepreneurship, Profitability, Long Term Success,

Goals of becoming rich! By providing far more than we take and winning repeat customers through our growing international network of connections.

The Mission is to grow an intentional network offering innovative solutions to source appropriate talent for clients.