Most of our clients use our Interview Process Day (IP Day) service to grow and expand their teams.

Quite simply we arrange for all of your interviews, including second interviews to be on the same day. There are various formats to choose from always bespoke to your specific requirements. We can run these events on any day, including weekends and in any UK location. Many of our clients are booking monthly events with us to help them grow. In building teams, personality, drive, ambition and practical communication skills are paramount and all difficult to assess and we have some leading edge techniques to help you.

Although most of our clients are recruiting teams, it is also effective for recruiting one key person.

You can pay per successful placement, fixed campaign fee or an ongoing contract inclusive of recruitment and where appropriate, training. You can take advantage of our 12 month payment contract which spreads the fee and gives you full replacement guarantee for a year. It avoids the risk of paying thousands and finding someone resigns leaving you with no person and an expensive lost recruitment fee. This is popular also as companies rightly realise we are focused on placing the RIGHT person. This way you are assured you are making an investment with a return.

We advertise through a variety of job boards, social media, use our own databases, headhunt and utilise other marketing strategies in order to attract suitable short listed candidates to a 4 Star Hotel.

We can keep your company name out of all advertising at this stage, if you wish, to protect your company from competitors and sales calls. We are looking for exceptional people for our clients. To achieve this it is important that they prove their attitude, aptitude and skills for the position. In addition we ascertain their values, personality and style with reference to the recruiting client to decide best fit. In short the highest of standards in professional interviewing. We will taylor the day specifically to your criterion and goals.

Those that are rejected are given feedback and guidance to help them in their career.

There is a separate website for applicants, which will have further advice on interview questions, confidence and specific job descriptions. There is additionally a specialist website just for senior sales executives.

On those attending for interview we have their CV and will have verified identification usually passport or driving license. As we offer company payment options that are highly focused on the new people being successful we go to great lengths to ensure that they are..

Positions are usually offered on the day, subject to references. Applicants will have brought with them identification and signed a document committing to confidentiality etc. The process is usually first and second interviews in one day. It can however be used to produce a shortlist with another selection stage. This is more common when recruiting for overseas sales positions.

Candidates respect the fact they are given an answer with feedback on the day rather than waiting for a response.

We give feedback on skills to be gained and how to do this, but also quite commonly advice relative to their goals and values where they should be looking. We treat all applicants with respect, we also will keep the company name confidential right up to offer stage if requested. This will stop clients being ‘approached’ directly, which although positive is bypassing the system. We manage the day with usually two Success Moves Consultancy personnel present.

What do we assess?

The short answer is any of the criterion you set. These will probably include:

• Career Goals
• Personal Goals
• Values
• Personality
• Ability to work under pressure.
• Attention to detail
• Character and attitude
• Professional presentation (including dress and clarity of speech)
• Discipline
• Toughness, stamina and persistence
• Written communication skills
• Verbal communication skills
• Ability to think on the spot
• Creativity
• Maintaining determination and confidence
• Learning fast and applying those skills
• Teamwork
• Leadership
• Corporate Culture Fit
• And of course all your specific job requirements.

By the end of the day you will have your new team!  This works for any department, Sales, Accounts, IT, Technical, Customer Service, Call Centre, Special Projects whatever.

For further information or to arrange a visit please ring 01403-256465.