We are seeking ambitious Franchisees to share in our business.  There are key opportunities in the global recruitment market covering Success Moves Sales, Tech and Finance recruitment operations.  We supply marketing, advertisements, funnels, online chat, job board access,  recruitment of your own team, training, accounting, legal, administration, staff cover, even clients and various other type of support from a company over 10 years old.

Success Moves is a network of partners, effectively building their own business.  As such it will appeal to those with business experience.  That could be in Sales, Marketing, Consultancy, Accountancy, Finance, Technology, IT as these are markets we are active in.  If you have a passion for owning your own business call us. We have a small buy in fee of just £5K, which is all spent on building your portfolio.   We could be right for you.

We need our franchisees to have experience, leadership, entrepreneurship and above all the desire to build a very profitable business long term.  A business that offers a repeat and passive income.  We offer an established brand, know how, unique products and full support in terms of not only training and administration but active support in winning you clients.  Although you can work a specific territory, you can in fact make placement sales anywhere in the world.   We have a formula supporting a ‘digital nomad” remote network of recruiters with an international reach.  No expensive offices in city centres and we can operate in any market in any country.  Our use of LinkedIn and Facebook for recruiting means we have immediate access to candidates in any country.  All of this means more profit to you quicker with less risk in a very high margin business where we cover the fixed costs.

Those seriously interested should contact Alex McMillan Founder/CEO directly alex@successmoves.co.uk 07525916574.

The Recruitment Market
Recruitment is very lucrative.  Few industries can achieve the margins we make because of the low cost of candidate acquisition.  Competition amongst employers for the best talent keeps recruitment fees high. There are many sectors of recruitment each with different market conditions and opportunities. Markets all seem to work in cycles one goes up, one goes down.  To address this we have set up separate marketing and websites for Sales, Tech and Finance, so we can easily move with these cyclical changes.  Furthermore we operate internationally, so those cycles can also refer to countries.  We are positive people, but from experience have learnt to predict what may go wrong and adjust for it long before it happens.  This way what others see as problems, changes, disruption we see as opportunities and turn into lucrative deals.

Great news for us is that most of the recruitment industry has not changed since the eighties.  Premium price offices in centres of large cities, graduates on high basics plus commission, candidate acquisition depending on heavy advertising, contingency contracts.  Outdated, needlessly expensive and inefficient. Not yet woken up to the digital age!

History of Success Moves Group (SMG)
SMG as a recruitment company started in March 2008 by the founder Alex McMillan. Alex has a background in recruitment since 1982 and is the author of 7 business books on Amazon.  Initially the business was focused on sales team recruitment through running assessment events, called Interview Process Days (IPDay).  We have run several hundred of these successfully.  SMG later added separate businesses which were branded separately with their own websites.  Success Moves Sales, Tech and Finance.  These represent the three main areas of professional recruitment. /We focus on Sales and offer other services such as “Deal Generation” and other marketing to provide clients with customers.

Group Websites
The marketing plan is to develop several niched recruitment sector specialisms with international appeal directly to the specific interest. This promotes the overall business better.


Additionally, we have a You Tube Channel, LinkedIn and Facebook and Twitter company sites. We also have an education business successmovesgraduates.co.uk focused on promoting university places in Poland to Indian students to develop our long term candidate feed.

How good is the market for recruitment services?

Brilliant and very lucrative.

Even better we have designed Success Moves to protect us against any adverse trends and to move with positive ones.

We focus on permanent professional level recruitment in industries that meet certain criterion.

  1. They must offer high salaries. As recruitment fees are based on salary level.
  2. They must be in growth sectors.
  3. They must have skills shortages.
  4. They must have the potential for repeat order bookings through us. So, we can turn our active income into a semi-passive one and only have to sell once.
  5. They must have recruitment needs that we can fill.
  6. They must be well funded to afford our fees.

There are always sectors and professions that meet all those criteria.  Recruitment companies that are highly focused are also highly at risk.  Our specialism is recruitment not the sector we work in.  Tech companies are doing very well, especially Cyber Security and Fintech.  Green renewable energy is another growth sector.  Qualified Accountants in practice and in industry are always in demand whatever the economic conditions. We discuss specific niche opportunities with each new Network Partner and design a plan to win business accordingly.

The advent of LinkedIn has been one of the many game changers in recruitment we are fully taking advantage of.  You should expect now that you and any your team you build will be frequently using LinkedIn.  Candidates can be obtained free of charge, (although some of the premium services are worthwhile). Thus, making our cost of delivery down to the cost of a recruiter’s time and skill.

What are the Key Advantages of becoming a Success Moves Network Partner?

A unique business model with a very lucrative growth opportunity.

  • 50% on placement fees, 30% on IP Days, 10% for 12 months on clients introduced, 5% on every new Associate trained.
  • Support, infrastructure, products.
  • Low fixed costs, meaning centre can provide more marketing and support.
  • 10% of your sales are directly spent on leads for you.
  • Sales, Tech and Finance separate niche businesses, enables us to fulfill all client recruitment.
  • Unique and valued products to sell such as our 12 Month Replacement Guarantee.
  • Established and proven brand with very extensive Google ratings.
  • Established back end operational infrastructure.
  • Innovative solutions to all aspects of business keeping us ahead.
  • Strong group leadership and management team.
  • Many want what we offer, and we have strong USPs making us different to competitors.
  • International ability to recruit making you more secure and opening up lucrative opportunities.
  • Interview Process Day tried, tested and best product on market for team recruitment.
  • Support and coverage from Centre and the Network.
  • Remote ‘digital nomad’ remote team reducing need for expensive offices and associated costs.
  • Lead Generation marketing provided by centre, after first deal.
  • Training from a company whose founders are qualified teachers and book authors.
  • Team recruitment provided.

How profitable can my business be?

As profitable as you wish to make it.

  • The formula is proven and delivering now.
  • We have several very strong USPs
  • Centre will provide marketing support.
  • You can sell worldwide through our infrastructure support.
  • You can employ in low cost areas.
  • We have products that are designed to lock in customers to prefer and use us long term.  You have to add hard work, leadership, entrepreneurship and determination with a clear goal of how much money you wish to achieve in terms of capital gain and income.

Productive low cost Marketing
A large part of sales is spent on marketing for you through our trusted service providers.  We apportion this directly in relation to the sales you produce.  This way we know we are proving valuable leads to those who will convert them.  We will work with you to develop your LinkedIn profile and use it to gain new business (and candidates), whilst building up a network. We will train you on converting those leads into clients. Then train you into converting those clients into long term repeat orders.  On starting we will work with you on a daily basis.

How we market varies depending on which job market is targeted. Some markets are candidate driven and some client driven.  Understanding this is key to focusing on lucrative opportunities.  We use a range of marketing techniques, messaging, buying in Leads, candidate probing, PPC, telemarketing, referrals, networking.  All will be taught.  All covered in the training/coaching and in the manual.  Centre will continue to promote the group as a whole and pass leads to its Network Partners.  We will get you profitable and then it is down to you to build the business.  You will find that as you become more established clients repeat and candidates refer their friends. We deliberately target clients the nature of which means they will give us repeat ongoing business.  For example our 12 month replacement guarantee term is designed to lock the client into using us rather than any alternative.

When you launch we will agree and design for you a specific marketing/business plan for your business and where you wish to focus.

Accounting all done from Centre
We invoice all customers centrally.  Network Partners are paid usually within 24 hours of our receipt.  Many local costs are covered by centre such as accounting, credit control, banking (all currencies catered for). legal, administration, marketing, promotion, media buying, copywriting, online content, training, coaching, websites, emails, representation, closing.

The Network Partner will own and represent Success Moves for Interview Process Days and other events in a specific territory. For general recruitment a franchisee is free to sell anywhere in the world.   Once a client is secured you then own that client for any further business from wherever. In practice we always work with a Network Partner on a business plan and support that with central and local resources. We need to know what you want and are serious about earning.  Gret if that is well inbto 6 figures.  We also realise that many have different goals.

All of the above ensures you have a very profitable business.

What initial support do I receive?

We will work closely with you until you have your first three deals invoiced.

You will have a personal mentor, making sure what needs to happen does happen.

We will support you in all aspects of the business.

  • Provide Head Office personnel for coaching and training.
  • Be available to close deals and visit and close deal on behalf.
  • On-site training and buddying.
  • Online Skype training.
  • Provide Presenters to deliver for IP Days and training.
  • Interview Process Day Recruitment and Administration will be carried out by centrally employed staff initially for the first two events.

What ongoing support does a Network Partner receive?

We provide most services from Centre and will always be available.

After we have got you trading and profitable we will be releasing our ‘close watch’.  The timing of this can vary dependent on various factors.  The main one of this is how ambitious and prepared for hard work you are.   Ongoing you will have support from Centre and indeed the network*

*The network refers to all the other Partners.

You will start as an Associate.

You become a Network Partner after your first deal.

A Senior Network Partner on your fifth deal.

A Leadership Partner when you have successfully mentored a new Associate.

Head Office will provide on an ongoing basis for when you need support or guidance.

  1. Advertising, promotion an other marketing to enhance brand.
  2. Marketing to produce leads of both clients and candidates
  3. Manage media buying and job board activities to secure best prices and quality.
  4. Provide all central accounting.
  5. Central Banking and disbursement of fees to the Network Partners.
  6. Credit control of clients paying.
  7. Contracts and legal advice.
  8. Supply and update of succesmovers.co.uk the internal portal of training and other material.
  9. Training and coaching on recruitment, business and sales.
  10. Central representation and closing at sales visits.
  11. Organise cover when necessary through the network.
  12. Technical Support. Head Office will maintain websites, google rankings, corporate LinkedIn profile etc.  Provide email addresses to all personnel.
  13. Sales visits and closing.
  14. General support help line.
  15. Monthly review meeting to ensure you are on track to meet your business goals.
  16. Introduction of new services and market opportunities.

These are support services when you need them.  We are not intending to run your business for you!

What can I earn?

From nothing to whatever you want to make it.

You have your own business, you can keep growing clients and Associates that will continually provide you with an income.

The key question is what does it take to make a success with Success Moves.

We do not charge franchise fees.  We are more interested in recruiting talent than raising finance.  We look for a positive attitude, skills, knowledge, contacts but above all a serious goal to make money in your own business.  Employees get used to being paid for serving time. In your own business you get nothing for serving time or even hard work necessarily, you get paid on results. The upside is that you get paid a great deal more for those results than an employee.  Employees have to climb very high to get rich and it usually takes decades.  If  you long for that basic salary to feel secure this is not for you.

Working based from home has many advantages.  No commuting time or money lost, flexibility, able to work with children to look after, independence etc.   The hardest part is that most people will not have the self-discipline, self-belief and determined goals to make it happen without a boss breathing down their neck.  That is why we consider someone signing up as Associate is not in until they have made their first deal.

So first of all those who give up right at the start will earn nothing!

Once someone has made their first deal they keep going. After all if you can do it once you can do it again and again, each time building more experience as you go. You will also be walking away from an income when that client repeats.

On stating you will earn.

  1. 10% for the first 12 months on any client you introduce.
  2. 50% on any placments (wee can usually pay this on start date).
  3. 30% on any IP Days (usually paid befre evetn as client pays a deposit).

Once you have made three deals, you can if you wish, go for Leadership returns.  In short you buddy/teach new Associates to do what you have just achieved.  In return you receive 5% on their sales income forever.  Although the buddying is only really key in the first up to 3 months.  This is the area where the real big and passive income can be made.  There is no limit to how many people you can develop into being Network Partners.

You can contract with us as a Sole Trader, Partnership or Limited company. You will have a contract for services, meaning you are free to pursue other business interests.

A Projected income Schedule assuming Full time.  In practice there are many variables.

Below is a projected income for a sales focused Network Partner/Area Director.  Of course, every GRIP placement might mean an income from it for the following 12 months, hence the low start and substantial build as they accumulate to a passive. The earnings illustrated are full time below average to above average performance.  These figures are fees paid. In fact your earnings are higher due to work done but not yet paid. They are in UK Sterling, but may refer to any world market.

MONTHLY Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4
IPDays 0,1, 1,2 1,2, 1,2
SPCs 0,1 0,1 0,1 0,1
GRIPs 0,1 0,1, 1 1,2,3,4,5,6
Your Fee Paid (Low) £0 £750 £1,025 £1,250
Your Fee Paid (High) £600 £1,045 £2,435 £4,050
5% team override £0 £0 £250 £500
QUARTERLY Quarter 1 *Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4
IPDays 3-5 3-6 3-6 3-6
SPCs 0-2 0-2 0-2 0-2
GRIPs 0-4 0-7 0-7 0-7
Your Fee Paid (Low) £1775 £5950 £6150 £7050
Your Fee Paid (High) £4,080 £13,550 £18,150 £26,550
5% team override £0 £500 £1,250 £1,750
ANNUALLY Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
IPDays 12-23 12-24 12-24 12-24
SPCs 0-12 0-12 0-12 0-12
GRIPs 0-20 0-21 0-21 0-21
Passive Element 20 to 35% 35 to 55% 60+% 80+%
Your Fees (Low) £22,400 £66,750 £88,950 £102,500
Your Fees (High) £65,585 £124,550 £146,500 £177,750
5% team override £10,700 £35,000 £48,500 £65,000

The figures assume full time for the first 4 months *reducing to part time work as the passive income takes over.  You can work part time or add this to another business interest.  This will give you a very attractive digital lifestyle.  By the second half of year one most of your income should be from repeat (and growing) income from established clients.  It is assumed above that you delegate all the recruitment work itself.

Team override can vary greatly.  After a new Network Partner is fully productive they will need very limited input from you.  This means you could build a significant sized team, especially as we are not constrained by office space!

Notice how time goes on your sales production does not increase at all, but your income substantially increases.  This is because of the passive commission you get from re-orders from customers you brought in and the building passive override from a team.  Therefore, it is important to start hard and fast and relax later when you can sit on these incomes.

Can I place temps or contractors?


We are set up as a professional career placement business as our focus. we have funding and facilities to produce timesheets and pay temps/contractors on a weekly basis.

What happens in the first three months?

A great deal of hard work, learning, selling, recruiting, building…
Follow our lead.  The first day will be a one to one training.  You will also have our support site to go through read and listen. We will set you tasks and take you though small steps to success.

We have three main recruitment offers covering Sales, Tech and Finance.  You are free to work any of these markets but probably all of them.  Some have different market aspects. For example, Interview Process Days in sales is all paid as a deposit so very good cash flow. Accountancy in Practice has the worst cash flow but very lucrative.  We have funding available to pay you for placements on the day they start work, rather than when the client pays.

Typical first three months of a New Associate Business:
You will, with our guidance, start recruiting yourself from week one.  This will give you confidence in the recruitment market, get the revenue ball rolling and mean that when you employ staff you can answer their questions.  We will also be marketing for your local business to supplement your own efforts.     Later you can build a remote recruiter team directly of already experienced recruiters, which can by definition be located anywhere worldwide.  The reason for this is you, with our help, can recruit individuals or a team in a low cost location.  There are various to choose from where we have local knowledge and contacts. This great strength will be explained fully when we meet.

You also can choose, usually related to your own professional background on which areas to focus on in terms of recruitment area or product.

Month 1:  Opening Tasks as follows:
1. Set Up Admin, emails, LinkedIn profiles, banking etc.
2. Agree and work to specific business plan.
3. Training and coaching.
4. Initiate sales activities to develop long term clients.
5. Initiate recruitment activities, building work in progress.
6. Utilising SuccessMovers.co.uk our support site and updating database.

Month 2: Training plus Sales and Recruitment Development
1. Marketing for development of new clients.
2. Recruitment of staff.
3. Understanding various methods of winning new business.
4. Understanding various methods of sourcing placeable candidates.
5. Headhunting for specific candidates for UK clients via LinkedIn. (This activity will also produce sales leads).
6. Advanced LinkedIn training for client and candidate generation.
7. Candidates calling for leads.

Month 3: Business Development
1. Leadership training and coaching.
2. Securing business with long term clients.
3. Visiting clients alone and closing.
4. Building a team.

How can I sell my Business?

We will promote it to our network and contacts.
We will include it in our sales activities.
You can market it yourself to your network.

We can value it for you.  Interestingly our founder has written a book on valuing businesses.   That sellable value of course will depend on how well you have built the business.  Typically a multiple of 6 times the annual profits is a good rough guide to value.  Looking at more detail will be how many repeat order clients you have, how diverse and that most of your income is not dependent upon too few clients.

How do I get started?

When we decide to offer, and you accept their will first be a contract.   We then need to know your exact goals.  Then we will give you a commitment to our support and want your commitment agreeing to days/times you will work to build your Success Moves business.  We have found that once you make the decision to join you need to get going straight away.

We will work with you daily until you are successful.  We will make sales calls with you.  We will want to know your specific goals so they we can help you achieve them.

How will you help me build confidence for my first calls?  On the training day we will be playing recorded live sales calls made. Then we will run role plays. Then we will call your prospects for and with you when you start.  You will also attend an Interview Process Day with an existing client to be fully familiar with the product.

Our unique products

The Interview Process Day
We book a 4-star hotel and attract suitable candidates and put them through some tough role plays to ascertain their skills, knowledge but more emphasis on attitude, adaptability, determination, goals and hunger for success.  The Day shows how they mix with others and fit with corporate culture/values.   We have many tried and tested exercises and always bespoke the event to specific client requirements.

An ideal product for those wanting 2 or more people at Trainee to Senior  level.  It is time and cost effective. It reduces subsequent failure rate.  Most people are hard to judge by CV and interview alone. This product is the answer to that challenge.

We charge £4,000 + VAT per day campaign, partly paid in advance.  We guarantee that they offer and have acceptances for a minimum of 3 people, or we rerun the day.  6 is in fact the average they take.  We do not guarantee that they work out.

So, on each sale of £4,000 you will receive  £1,200 for the 30% sales commission.   Then on re-bookings and referrals you will receive £1,200.  We have had clients that led to 9 referrals which ordered.  You have your own business and as such need to think like a businessman building long term passive income.

You will additionally receive the sales commission on any other recruitment these companies want to do.  Typically, they might want a Support Manager for the Sales Team or a Social Media Manager to develop sales leads.  All referrals that can come from that company and referrals of referrals are for your account.

To give you some idea The IP Day is largely used to fill the sales department at the bottom end.  Starting salaries in the UK from between £1,000 and £2,000 per month plus commission. A regular recruitment agency would charge between 15-20% of starting salary. At worst that means their cost is a minimum of £5,400 + VAT, often a lot higher. And they just provide an introduction service. We are first and second interviewing and professionally filtering applicants to get the elite.  So, we are very cost effective.  We also save them considerable time on repeated one on one interviews knowing the person is not suitable but still having to burn up their time going through the same process.

This is why once a customer uses the IPDay they don’t go elsewhere. We are looking to expand the IP Day concept into other areas of recruitment where group filtering and selection is more key than finding rare skills.

2. GRIP (Guaranteed Replacement Interview Programme)
We guarantee to find and sell the right candidates and guarantee their success and staying for 12 months.  (We back this by a 12-month replacement guarantee and fee spread). Takes all the risk away for the client and finances them. We have fiance in place so that you are paid on the start of a placement not when the client eventually pays.

We listen, perhaps visit, and then present what we can do specifically to make sure they get the right people and they are set up for success from the start.

Whereas you will start promoting sales recruitment services, any other recruitment on offer we can take on board.

How do I find prospective clients?

How do I find prospective clients?

There are various sources.

  1. Lead Generation 
    When you are productive we employ lead generation companies or individuals focused just on lead generation for you.
  2. Warm and hot personal contacts
    Always better to talk to people you already have a connection with either personally or perhaps on LinkedIn. This in fact can be enough to start off and generate referrals. This can include companies that are already customers of yours for other services.
  3. Active Candidates
    On talking to active candidates, you can add the question. “Have you done any interviews recently?”  All easy hot leads.
  4. Telemarketing
    Old fashioned and always effective. Managing, Sales, Technical Directors respect someone calling them, and they are much more influenceable than say an advert or LinkedIn message. Especially productive when targeting a specific sector. Faster to get to the market and puts you in control of your income. We have found that sourcing target companies is good on Google and Yell. Then using LinkedIn to get specific names. Interestingly we have tested ways of getting through gatekeepers. “We are connected on LinkedIn and I am following up a message.” nearly always get straight through.
  5. Linkedin
    Social media is very powerful in recruitment now and provides an incredible database of both clients and candidates for every country.  It is vital from the start that you carefully design your profile and build your connections. You can send automated messages, post feeds, work group conversations, post adverts.

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