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Are You Ready to Increase Sales?

I am often asked my advice on recruiting sales people and when I ask a few questions it is clear the company is not ready to recruit sales people or even take on marketing activity. Before you even think of advertising or recruiting you should have some basic questions answered about your products and or services, otherwise you are just going to waste resources. Below I have included a checklist, if you have answers to all of these you are ready. If not then you have some valuable pointers on what you have to do to get ready and make your offer as appealing as it could be.

  • What is special about the company?
  • What can you do or offer than no one else can?
  • Why should someone use you and not a competitor?
  • Have you market tested your price and offer?
  • What incentive can you offer than would encourage someone to make a quick purchase decision?
  • Have you a clear market niche where you have advantages?
  • What are the values behind your brand?
  • What is the easiest market segment for you to go for and why?
  • Do you cater for any special needs or market segments?
  • Have you worked for someone well known and respected who would provide you with a testimonial?
  • Have you done a special charitable event for or do you donate part of your income to a charity?
  • Have you got any ‘green credentials’ that can enhance your quality image?
  • Are there any up-sells or cross sells with a special offer?
  • Are there any joint ventures with other suppliers offering a special package to customers?
  • Are there any innovations or alternatives methods of pricing?
  • Are there any introductory offers?
  • What guarantees do or can you give?
  • Who is your main competitor what do we do that is better than them and can you prove it?
  • Do you have a motto or strap line?
  • Is there a system to encourage referrals in place?
  • Are there any freebies available?
  • Can the service be sold as a gift rather than for direct use?

For our partnership clients we now start off with an audit service of their preparedness. We do not even get that far without all the above questions answered. Above might be enough to advertise but to recruit requires many things in place and working. My next blog I will be looking at what infrastructure you need in place before growing a large and productive sales team.