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An Alternative to Traditional Recruitment

Recruitment agencies operate in much the same way as they have for decades! They don’t innovate because companies keep paying their fees, seeing no viable alternatives other than advertising directly. We live in a world where finding the right person for the job is essential and there are an abundance of recruitment agencies to aid you […]

Recruitment Choices?

Success Moves did some research on recruitment. Rather than just ask positive loaded questions, we went for the negative to find out what people really thought. We came up with the following responses showing that the recruitment industry has a very bad reputation. We wanted to get the detail on that to see what we […]

Nationwide Sales Agents

Go as Fast As Possible But No Faster The above was first said by Albert Einstein and often quoted by Alex McMillan in Success Moves Consultancy presentations. We have found it appropriate advice when advising clients on building a sales network team. The natural inclination of company directors is to get as many candidates as […]

Are You Ready to Increase Sales?

I am often asked my advice on recruiting sales people and when I ask a few questions it is clear the company is not ready to recruit sales people or even take on marketing activity. Before you even think of advertising or recruiting you should have some basic questions answered about your products and or […]