Nationwide Sales Agents

Go as Fast As Possible But No Faster

The above was first said by Albert Einstein and often quoted by Alex McMillan in Success Moves Consultancy presentations. We have found it appropriate advice when advising clients on building a sales network team. The natural inclination of company directors is to get as many candidates as quickly as possible. In practice there are limitations to growth, putting in the ‘as fast as possible’.

Limits to Growth:

  1. How many people have you got that can shadow inexperienced new sales agents?
  2. How many sales agents can your lead generation marketing support?
  3. How robust is your sales support infrastructure?
  4. How much new business could you deliver on without compromising service, and quality standards?
  5. Do you have an induction training system in place?

In practice, the first stage should be a core team of say 6 at most, although 2 could be enough. Get these trained up, let the drop outs leave until you have your core team productive and earning well. Whilst they are succeeding you now have increased the number of people that can shadow new people, with hopefully some Area Managers emerging. You will also have find all sorts of other problems that need tweaking or deleting or massively changing. Even your pitch to new people will be adjusted from feedback if you are running a quality learning organisation.

At your second tranche of recruitment you now have people that can be used as testimonials or even physical presence that were in their shoes and have made it. This proves the formula works, an early target should be a high earner. All sales people (and lots of others like athletes for example) like a role model to aspire to and then beat. Risk is massively reduced.

You should also initially keep your people in the same geographical area.  This might sound obvious but very tempting when sales candidates apply from around the UK to sign them up. Hold off, you are just not ready. Walk before you run.

We list on this website the things you need to do pre and post sales recruitment. One which we recommend is a separate sales agents support portal. Perhaps just a simple website with coded entry. Put all of the resources they need on this including a powerpoint and videos they may use to show prospects. On the sales training side of this portal you will can update with new material and also have an administration side telling them what to do. Keep updating this with new intelligence coming from your sales people.