Review of Success Moves Success

As the economy grows companies are recruiting more and needing related support services. A review of success moves will show that we grew through the recession years because our product was innovative and matched people to opportunities. Our enterprise led to over 1000 young people being placed, a record we are proud of. We use our own system to recruit our own people and some of our current clients were once candidates through our system.

How To Retain Staff

The biggest mistake in my experience of companies recruiting is to focus their recruitment on skills and competencies. Then so often that perfect candidate does not turnout as expected, they leave or you have to let them go.  he reason is because they just do not fit onto your culture. They have a different set of values. Success Moves are offering their clients a free half day workshop with management to establish your corporate culture, values, beliefs, goals. Then we will profile candidates that will match your corporate culture. You will experience a far higher retention rate! Please contact, to discuss this.