Hard Work vs. Talent

There are many talented people in the world. Walk around and you can see signs of the 1% round every corner. Everyone you see in front of you is 1 in over 7 billion. We all like to think of ourselves as ‘special’ and ‘unique’, it has been built into us from a young age. The reality is that you are! You have a combination of skills, talents and expertise that no one on this planet has.

While it is a fact that you have these talents, skills and expertise, that by no means makes you a success. Success does not depend on these characteristics of your personality, they help, but success can be achieved without a single one of these.

If we look historically at sports professionals, experienced entrepreneurs, high net worth investors and any manner of successful person, their work ethic is always key to their success.

Tennis as an example – Richard Williams (father of Serena and Venus Williams), began playing tennis one day after seeing Virginia Ruzici win a title and was astounded by the amount of money she received for winning. He decided he wanted a great future for his daughters and made both of them great successes, having two daughters as the top women athletes in a specific sport can be no coincidence, he made that happen through his attitude of hard work. Richard Branson started his record business from a crypt in a church, he now has a multi-billion dollar empire, airlines, records, trains, phones, television and the Virgin name is known worldwide.

Let’s take Tennis again as another example – Andre Agassi was told that from a young age he had to work hard to become a success in his sport. He was told that if he hit 1000 balls a day there would be no room to fail. Let’s look at the maths – 1000 balls a day means he hits 365,000 balls in a year. By the beginning of his professional career he had likely hit over 5 million balls. I challenge any of you to hit that many balls and not be a great tennis player. There are arguments that his talent allowed him to be pushed to the top, but the point made is that if we take into account his talent, the only option he had available left was to succeed. He gave himself no opportunity to fail!

You get the picture. I have seen people with amazing amounts of talent fail due to their lack of effort and work ethic, in this current climate there are no easy rides. People have asked me before “How do I get rich?”, I always reply “Work hard”. They often then say that they want a way to get rich without working hard – if there was a way to do that we would all be doing it!

Talent can be important and there are arguably people who have succeeded purely through talent, however, if you believe you have talent you surely want to succeed. Make success your only option. If you work hard to the hardest extent you possibly can, and want success, I promise you will succeed with or without talent. At Success Moves, we are striving to provide this opportunity to everyone possible, we will give you all the tools you need to achieve success, how you use them is down to how you answer one question – how hard are you willing to work?