Expanding your Business – is the City still the right choice?

Expanding your business is not a decision that tends to be made over a 5 minute conversation. All of the extra costs and initial overheads before a new office begins to pay for itself, especially with any new staff being trained, can take a long time – so what is the solution?

Prestigious City offices can be as much as £1000 per month per person.Towns around London can be £100 per person.So, in a telephone and internet based world business owners must question traditional thinking. A virtual address is not really an option. Better options are to either have a small City presence so that you can see people when the need arises, with the main telephone based staff based in one of the many towns around London. This would allow short visits between offices. If this is not necessary a second office could be anywhere in the UK or abroad with cheaper costs and staff availability. Ask yourself, do we really need to have a City presence. The answer is yes only if you have regular visitors or you need to visit people in the City.

At Success Moves we believe that in this internet age you needn’t have a “prestigious” City address to put on your business card. Now is the time of doing business over the phone and internet. Just look at the success of websites such as Amazon, eBay, on-line shopping and the decline of Woolworth’s, JJB Sports and Clinton Cards for example. To paraphrase Bill Gates – Business at the Speed of Thought – using digital networks and the “World Town” to get an edge over the competition. Your key address now is your website.

So why London? Why the sky high office costs? Where do I take my business to in order to get to the next level? What is the answer? We can advise on various cost effective locations. We can also reduce the fixed cost element of new staff and link our charges to the growth of the business.

Read our “Growth Methods” section or call and speak to one of our consultants today to see how you can benefit from the current economic climate and take your business to the next level cost effectively and rapidly.

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