Building Partnerships Long Term – What is Results / Rewards?

As we hear in the news and media every day, the current economic climate is taking us nowhere fast. The constant bombardment of doom and gloom that we read and hear about affects not only the man on the street but also the ambitions of any start-up or small business owners out there that have the potential to expand and grow. As we know, banks are not lending and taking the old fashioned route of raising venture capital through investors or the “Dragons Den” route is no way to grow a business – after all a start-up business with money behind it is still a start-up, only now they have the luxury of cash in the bank. This doesn’t exactly promote growth.

At Success Moves, we believe that there has never been a greater time for entrepreneurs to grow businesses and make money. During an on-going recession that we believe, is only going to get tougher, we are looking at the positives. All of the established companies and the old ways of doing business are breaking down allowing entry for new ideas, innovations, and more efficient and productive methods.

To help promote this we preach a “Results/Rewards” motto. What do we mean by this? We mean exactly what we say – you only pay us from the extra revenue that you generate via our services. Everything that we do is long term as we believe that working with ambitious clients that are in high growth markets will be much more profitable to all involved if the relationship and the service is used to achieve long term targets.

Success Moves are specialists in enabling rapid sales growth for ambitious small or medium sized companies through a tailored and bespoke variety of consulting and business building strategies. If you have the ambition and the product or service that meets our criteria then we have the solution to the current economic climate. With a minimum of upfront costs, no loans or debts to shareholders or chairmen, we can take your business from where it is now to where you are looking to get it to and beyond. And for all of this we charge our fee from the revenue that is generated – putting our money where our mouth is.

If this approach is something that would benefit you and your business then call one of our consultants today.

A Frankfurt Office

Of the financial hubs of Europe, London is by far the biggest but also by far the most expensive. Another key financial centre is Frankfurt. Although much smaller than the City, it has many substantial advantages if you are looking to expand. Firstly office and staffing costs are significantly lower.  Secondly it is only a short flight from London. Thirdly it is the financial centre of Europe’s (if not the world’s) strongest economy. The German’s never really believed in debt and have always been prudent with financial matters, this significantly enhances their reputation and brand. Plenty of resources in this City for your business.

At Success Moves we offer a bespoke and innovative service that reaches beyond the UK for a variety of benefits. Currently looking to open up offices ourselves in Frankfurt, our company offers the opportunity for small to medium sized UK businesses to develop a base there through our services.

If you are an ambitious business owner and your goal is to a high level of success then take advantage of the benefits Success Moves can bring with their unique overseas expansion concept. Read our “Overseas Office” section or contact one of our skilled and knowledgable consultants now to discuss taking your business to the next level.

Expanding your Business – is the City still the right choice?

Expanding your business is not a decision that tends to be made over a 5 minute conversation. All of the extra costs and initial overheads before a new office begins to pay for itself, especially with any new staff being trained, can take a long time – so what is the solution?

Prestigious City offices can be as much as £1000 per month per person.Towns around London can be £100 per person.So, in a telephone and internet based world business owners must question traditional thinking. A virtual address is not really an option. Better options are to either have a small City presence so that you can see people when the need arises, with the main telephone based staff based in one of the many towns around London. This would allow short visits between offices. If this is not necessary a second office could be anywhere in the UK or abroad with cheaper costs and staff availability. Ask yourself, do we really need to have a City presence. The answer is yes only if you have regular visitors or you need to visit people in the City.

At Success Moves we believe that in this internet age you needn’t have a “prestigious” City address to put on your business card. Now is the time of doing business over the phone and internet. Just look at the success of websites such as Amazon, eBay, on-line shopping and the decline of Woolworth’s, JJB Sports and Clinton Cards for example. To paraphrase Bill Gates – Business at the Speed of Thought – using digital networks and the “World Town” to get an edge over the competition. Your key address now is your website.

So why London? Why the sky high office costs? Where do I take my business to in order to get to the next level? What is the answer? We can advise on various cost effective locations. We can also reduce the fixed cost element of new staff and link our charges to the growth of the business.

Read our “Growth Methods” section or call and speak to one of our consultants today to see how you can benefit from the current economic climate and take your business to the next level cost effectively and rapidly.

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